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New World Films

     New World Films is a film and videography studio based out of Cecil County, Maryland, founded by Josh Malone. We offer a variety of services such as wedding videography, commercials, real estate videos, music videos and more. We are committed to creating high quality videos that meet the needs of our clients. We encourage you to check out our menu to find additional information about the type of video you are looking for and to reach out to discuss our video packages.

Meet Josh

     Josh Malone is the lead videographer and editor at New World Films. Josh has been passionate about videography and film editing from a young age. After getting married in 2020 to his wife Anne, they together decided it was time for Josh to pursue his dream of becoming a professional videographer and film editor. Josh loves to work with clients to design videos that will meet their needs. He is continually learning and improving his craft. 

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